Our organization «Open hearts» is unique for Russia. The idea of its creation is brought by us from Northern Europe. Having adopted experience of our Finnish, Danish, Norwegian colleagues, we united and created the organization which is taking up the problems of people, grown with heart disease. Patients with congenital heart disease are small percent from all population, but each of them is unique, therefore the special approach and careful attitude to their health is very important.

«Open hearts» is the voluntary organization. We have no regular employee. All of us are doctors, GUCH patients, their relatives, parents and friends are incorporated desire to help people with CHD, to provide them qualitative medical care, to provide them with information on achievements of medicine in the field of heart disease treatment, to teach patients correctly to live with this disease that they could live long and most high-grade life, despite an illness. Our organization is a platform for dialogue of patients and doctors. We want to be a real example of that treatment of the person is joint work of the doctor and the patient.

To have possibility to supervise a state of health of each GUCH patient living in the Arkhangelsk region, to provide them with information on a disease and modern methods of treatment, operatively to answer questions arising at patients us this project was developed. Thanks to its realization we will strengthen cooperation between our organization and the partner organizations. Volunteers of our organization will receive experience necessary for us at present and knowledge in the field of creation of the register of GUCH patients and an electronic training course for patients.

The organizations and the countries for training by us were chosen not casually. In Denmark the register of GUCH patients is created, there are the doctors-cardiologists specializing on treatment of adult patients with congenital heart disease that isn’t present now in Russia, and in the Norwegian center of a telemedicine the wide experience on development remote online of courses, both for medical workers, and for patients is stored.

Training will give the chance to us to come into at personal meeting contacts between our organizations and communications between the doctors who are engaged in medical service of GUCH patients in Russia and the Northern countries – Denmark and Norway. It will allow us to prepare new modern projects in the field of health care that will make our communications stronger and steady.

Experience of creation of the register of GUCH patients and electronic training course will be useful to people not only to inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk region, but also will be extended in all territory of the Russian Federation because it will be unique for Russia.

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